There’s good work happening in a forest near you.

Our work is science-based

The Rogue Basin Cohesive Forest Restoration Strategy was developed by our partners and released in 2017 as a roadmap for maximizing investment in ecologically-based fuels reduction.

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Our work is collaborative

Our core partnership includes six public agencies and four non-profits, and we work closely with dozens of other organizations, fire districts, municipalities, and communities.

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Our work includes tribes

We honor indigenous peoples and their time-immemorial knowledge of the land. The Rogue Forest Partners engage with several tribes with ancestral ties to our area. 

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Our work is widely supported

A survey of Rogue Valley residents showed that over XX% of community members support ecologically-based treatments to improve forest health and reduce wildfire risk.

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Science and collaborative decision making are the bedrock of effective and adaptive management of forests and fire that work for society and ecology.

Kerry Metlen, The Nature Conservancy

Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP)

Established by Congress in 2009 and reauthorized in 2018, the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program encourages the collaborative, science-based ecosystem restoration of priority forest landscapes while leveraging local resources with national and private resources – supporting ecological, economic, and social sustainability.