2020 Wildfire Season Resources

Sep 30, 2020Resources

On behalf of the Rogue Forest Partners,

Our thoughts and sincere support go out to our community and residents affected by the Almeda, Obenchain, and Slater fires, which swept through the Ashland-Talent-Phoenix-Medford area during the summer of 2020. In our hearts, we hold those impacted here, the personnel responding to the emergency, and our neighbors throughout the West affected by the unprecedented wildfires.

Many community members have lost homes, been displaced, and we, along with millions around the West, are enduring days of hazardous smoke.

If you need wildfire relief assistance or would like to support the recovery effort, consider exploring the links and resources we have compiled below.

We know the road to recovery will be long, but our community is resilient and will rebuild together.

Take care and be well.