Prescribed Fire Basics with Oregon State University

Mar 28, 2023Resources

Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension,     Fire Program

From our partners at Oregon State University, Forestry & Natural Resources Extension’s Fire Program, the Prescribed Fire Basics collection provides introductory information to increase understanding of the importance and mechanics of prescribed burns.

Prescribed fire is an important tool used for fuels reduction, ecosystem health, pasture and timber management and more. Practitioners use their understanding of fire behavior and fire ecology to plan burns that meet specific objectives. This process involves several steps: scouting and preparing the burn unit, planning the burn, conducting the burn and monitoring the results.

The 12-part Prescribed Fire Basics  modules are for anyone looking to understand the benefits of prescribed fires and learn how they are conducted. Readers will learn the role prescribed fire plays across Oregon and get a basic outline of the steps that go into planning and implementing a prescribed burn.